Working with data is not easy job and required more concentration on what we are doing, hence our team can provide quality, flawless and on time data entry processing service. Many global businesses adopt outsourcing their offline data entry projects. We are providing quality, professional, secure, on-time, error less and affordable offline data entry processing service. This process provides quick turnaround time and allows your organization easy access and quick access to data for business decisions, communications and other needs.

Offline Data processing service includes,

1) Data entry for E-book / electronic books.
2) Medical form and medical filling.
3) Data entry from hardcopy/Printed Material into text.
4) Copy, Paste, Editing, Sorting, Indexing data into required format etc.
5) PDF to Excel Data Processing Service.
6) Insurance claim Data Service.
7) Offline data entry from paper / books.
8) Receipt and bill data entry.
9) Remote desktop service.
10) Offline data entry from Scanned Images.
11) MS word Data processing
12) MS excel Data processing

Our extensive network allows us to offer best quality management solutions to the all kind of works. As well as our team are professional, experienced, educates and always operate with the highest standards of integrity.

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